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Oct 27, 2012 7:00am PDT
to deliver a major speech on the economy. the speech was no change from his speech earlier this when the real change big change. chich >> a new stimulus. this makes--it will not back as the one dead four years ago. >> according to the government web site the company won't receive is more business from through the stimulus for the $1 million. romney speech came on the same day that the government announced that the economy had grown by 2% and that it beat estimates. so >> and slow the economy's slow take home ba pay. >> one of his--stated that colen powell endorsed president obama and due to his race. >> after a long campaign does almost reached it is in keeping the candace straight is almost a challenge. we will put america on a new craft and a new day with a new president. it will be president obama. pardon me mitt romney. >> among them proposition 32 is built as a way to curb special interests from donating to political candidates. >> 32 will stop special interests from buying votes from politicians. proposition 32 is still straight ford or is it? chicheforward or is it? >> prop. 32 is to b
Nov 3, 2012 7:00am PDT
twitter and facebook page as well as >> the report states that the economy has added 171,000 jobs last month. >> we have highlights from this week's giants victory celebration. here is a sneak peek. >> we went to cincinnati and there were not as loud as you. and quite frankly dietrich fans were not even as close adetroit fans were nots loud issue. [ female announcer ] pillsbury crescents fabulous but...when i add chicken, barbecue sauce... and cheese...and roll it up woo-wee! i've made a barbecue chicken crescent chow down. pillsbury crescents. let the making begin. here's a better idea. pillsbury grands! flaky layers biscuits in just 15 minutes the light delicate layers add a layer of warmth to your next dinner. pillsbury grands biscuits let the making begin. >> giants fans all over the bay area continued to celebrate the world series win. an estimated as 1 million fans were there for the big party. here is some of the best moments from the giants celebration. >> (cheers & applause) >> (singing) >> we deserved to soak this san. i feel great. >>it i feel great. >
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2